Study Mode

We recognise that professionals need a lot of flexibility if they are to balance the competing demands of work, home and studies. That’s why the course offers an innovative mixed method approach to learning which enables practitioners from across the globe to join in without necessarily interrupting their careers.

You can elect to attend a specific five-day seminar only, or earn academic credit for the module by joining in an additional series of 9 weekly online discussions and completing a set of projects linked to your workplace.

Our solution-based learning approach means that you will be offered a range of assessments that allow you to demonstrate your ability to apply critical insights and theoretical knowledge to professional practice. You will normally have individual and group assignments during the residential week, followed by take-home applied projects that give you a chance to provide immediate value to your organisation.

Taught modules for academic credit are offered over 10 weeks, which include a combination of background reading, intensive face-to-face residential sessions, extensive online contact using our multi-channel e-learning environment and applied assignments.

After taking the core module, Principles of Journalism Leadership, the other taught modules on offer can be taken in any sequence. You can review your schedule at the end of each block and only then need to finalise your enrolment for the next block. You can control when and what you study.

Access to Excellence

You will have contact with senior journalism and management faculty, who will focus on you and your organisation’s leadership needs. Experienced journalists and other experts will serve as presenters, teachers, and coaches for participants. Throughout you’ll have the pleasure of learning with fellow senior journalists and newsroom managers from all media sectors. During residential weeks, you’ll interact in large-scale gatherings and small-group, personalised sessions. Afterwards, you’ll continue your exchanges online using our extensive e-learning network. Flexible personal and professional development courses for experienced media professionals. on campus residentials


On-campus residential sessions are typically scheduled three times a year in the Autumn, Winter and Spring. After taking a core module, you can enrol for any of the other taught modules on offer in any sequence.

We don’t just talk about new information and communication technology, we use it

We believe that being a ‘digital immigrant’ (as News Corporation’s Rupert Murdoch has described himself) doesn’t mean you can’t integrate with the ‘digital natives’.

That’s why we don’t just talk about Webcasts, Blogs, Instant Messaging, Discussion Boards, Chat Rooms, Social Networking and other online communication tools. We put them to the test.

At the start of the course, participants are each given a webcam and microphone that allows them to engage with their colleagues and coaches using the range of tools available in our Web Campus Toolkit.


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