Designed for Editorial Professionals

Solutions for journalism leaders in a digital age

The Journalism Leaders Programme is an initiative of the Department of Journalism of the Lancashire Business School of the University of Central Lancashire.

In response to by industry needs, the programme aims to provide solutions to the challenges leaders and would-be leaders of news organisations face in a digital age through:

  • Innovative Courses which equip experienced practitioners with the advanced knowledge and skills necessarily to thrive in a highly competitive contex
  • Applied Research into effective and responsible leadership in an increasingly complex and unpredictable media landscape
  • Open Forums where issues critical to the industry and society are discussed and debated

Our international team of resident and visiting tutors provide concentrated instruction and personal coaching. Our resident tutors include distinguished professionals, scholars and master teachers who bring special expertise to every session.

Each module also includes visiting discussion leaders, accomplished professionals who step out of their offices to teach, and who engage with you face-to-face and online.

Our class groups are small, which means you get lots of individual attention. Our hands-on approach means critical thinking and hands-on learning so you may participate in brainstorming sessions, case studies, discussions, role-playing, and other exercises to get you involved in your own learning. Applied assignments allow you to put your learning to work with the benefit of support from classmates and staff.

We want our participants to leave confident that they have the key competencies to their lead creative teams and responsible organisations in an increasingly complex, competitive and technologically-advanced environment.

The course development team

Developing Leaders: Course director François Nel lead the course development team which included: Dr Lillian Dunlap, former head of the Poynter Institute’s (US) leadership programme; Keith Sutton, a multiple-award winning editor and then president of the UK Society of Editors; Mike Ward, author of Journalism Online and head of the journalism department at Preston, and Andrew Dickinson, who leads the department’s Digital Production courses.

Journalism at Preston: a tradition of excellence

Founded in 1962, the Department of Journalism at Preston is the oldest in England and its commitment to innovation has ensured that it remains a leader in the field.

From its base in the Lancashire Business School, department offers a suite of undergraduate and post-graduate degrees courses in both Journalism and Applied Communication, as well as bespoke training and research.

To find our more about what we do or how we can work together to find solutions to the challenges that face journalists and their organisations, contact the programme director François Nel and other members of the department.

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